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iPads Supplanting Construction Blueprints Boosts Productivity

IPads Supplanting Blueprints Boosts Builder Productivity

Armed with iPads linked to the newest plans, work orders and information requests, specialists are leading a shift to building information modeling, or BIM. New types of jobs are being created, such as modelers, and updated skills are becoming mandatory for designers and contractors. As builders recover from the worst downturn since World War II, such tools are changing processes used in design and construction.

“The goal is to eliminate problems before they happen,”

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Bluebeam® Revu® for iPad lets you work without limits. Watch this video (displaying Revu iPad 1.0) to learn how to access and navigate your PDF files on the go, from anywhere, and redline PDFs with industry standard symbols. Save custom markups for reuse across sessions, and collaborate with colleagues across the globe in real time using Revu’s cloud based solution, Bluebeam Studio™. All it takes is a tap and swipe to experience the difference.

A few taps is all it takes. Use Revu’s list of markup tools, including text, notes, highlighter, lines, clouds, callouts and more to redline your PDFs. Customize your markups by easily changing the color, fill, opacity, line type or font. Want to cut, copy or delete a markup? Just tap and hold down on the markup in question to bring up its context menu.

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The Basics of Hybrid Designs in Construction Equipment

Komatsu Hybrid Excavator1

Hybrid is a slippery word. By one definition, anything of mixed origin or composition is a hybrid: thus, we have hybrid roses and hybrid languages. A more narrow definition has hybrids as single functioning units that juxtapose different technologies. That definition makes hybrids of decades-old hydrostatic and diesel/electric drive systems—since they juxtapose mechanical with hydraulic or electric technology—but these systems seldom are so classified. When considering the innovative energy-use systems being applied today in heavy equipment and trucks, then, perhaps “hybrid” definitions need a second look.

The most precise definition we encountered is that from Caterpillar: A hybrid is “a machine equipped with a device to collect, store and release energy during operation.”

By that definition, a number of machines and trucks with innovative energy-use technology would qualify as hybrids. A few machines, however, with technology just as innovative, would be ruled out on technicalities—the Cat D7E crawler dozer, for instance, because its distinctive electrical/mechanical power train neither collects, stores nor releases stored energy, and several wheel loaders—the Cat 966K XEDeere 644K Hybrid, and Deere 944K—which collect and use energy that otherwise would be wasted, but do not store it.

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Using 3-D scans to digitally preserve California’s missions

San Juan Bautista, a Central Coast mission founded in 1797

Using cutting-edge 3D scanning technology, crews from a nonprofit called CyArk have wedged themselves into seldom-seen spaces in four of the state’s 21 missions, bouncing 50,000 laser beams a second off centuries-old timbers. The idea is to map the fragile structures more precisely than they’ve ever been, creating virtual 3D models accurate down to millimeters.

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